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One of them has spotted you and is plotting your demise...
Alan: Very likely. She was in charge of the hole in the wall.
Il y a un curieux. Joli décor.
Alan: They had just escaped from the field by the hole in the wall, I think.
Great! Now I'll have to spend the weekend trying to work out where this is...Thanks Alan. It is a nice shot though. smile
Alan: I'll put you of your misery, Frank. This is on the road from Pooley Bridge to Howtown.
smile What fun!
Alan: They had broken out of the field; one of the Herdies is guarding the broken down wall.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 8 Dec 2018, 06:30
You are being eyed with suspicion
Alan: 99.9% of all sheep think I'm the man from the abattoir.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 8 Dec 2018, 06:47
an experience I could make in Ireland, too, and in Nederland - a funny image from the Lake District!
Alan: They were very naughty; they had broken out of the field - one of the Herdies is guarding the broken down wall. Thanks, Philine.
  • Lisl
  • England
  • 8 Dec 2018, 06:54
I am sure you drove by your beloved Herdies very carefully
Alan: Amazingly, they were clever enough to get back into the field through the gap in the wall being guarded by one of the Herdies.
Road Hogs!!

Oh hang on, they are sheep

Road Sheep!!
Alan: ..and hopefully not becoming road kill.
That is a tall sheepie.
Alan: Herdwicks are big, muscular sheep seemingly designed to clamber up steep fellsides.
One reason for being careful driving round Lake District lanes.
Alan: Alas not everyone does that. Some years ago I was forced off a road by a "Chelsea tractor" going too fast. I caught a rock which sliced through the sidewall of a tyre with around 600 miles on it.
Well, we were around before those mechanical monsters!
The sheep to the right looks like a guard sheep!

She is about to round you up...
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