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Orangey. Shade-y.
Alan: Ummm.. yes!
A nice shot, Alan good colours.
Alan: A lovely time of year of a beautiful place.
Ahhh excellent composition!
Alan: Thanks, Elizabeth. I'm sure you will have been here with Frank.
Jolie composition avec les oies. J'aime les couleurs du bateau.
Alan: A proper boat made from traditional materials smile
This is eye-popping good, Alan.
Alan: Thanks, Ginnie. It's a lovely spot smile
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 7 Dec 2018, 06:20
Alan, "boat Fridays" hardly come better than this one... pfew... a likey to me....
Alan: Oh, thank you! smile It was just a quick snap with my iPhone so I was pleased how it has come out.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 7 Dec 2018, 06:22
Too bad the "likey" button is not working yet... we notified John about this problem......
Alan: I bet John wishes he had left well alone by now smile
  • Chris
  • England
  • 7 Dec 2018, 06:41
I get the feeling that having put up all this week's northern pictures you will have booked another holiday up there. Unable to control yourself..
Alan: Hahah!!! Now would I do such a thing! Actually, I made the booking to go back to the same cottage within 24hrs of getting home.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 7 Dec 2018, 06:51
We are surely in the Lake District. I like your composition, you might have kneeled to take this image.
Alan: Yes, this is near the Keswick landing stage on Derwentwater. You are right, I got down low to get this shot smile It is hugely popular with people, especially families, and the ducks and geese appreciate the copious bags of duck for that get sold locally. There is a fine theatre near the lake, too; I used to take my parents there when on family holidays. Thanks, Philine!
  • Lisl
  • England
  • 7 Dec 2018, 07:22
This jumped out saying "jump in"
Alan: Let's go, then smile
  • Chad
  • Somewhere in deep space
  • 7 Dec 2018, 07:45
Besides the pleasing composition Al, I like the reflection of the boat.
Alan: I was pleased with the shot especially it was just taken on my iPhone.
Accurate title for this pleasing snap Alan
Alan: I like to tell it how it is. smile
Canadians on vacation again. They are everywhere. Lovely scene, well seen.
Alan: They enjoy our British hospitality. Given a chance, they may enjoy a cream tea, too.
Nice to see a down low shot, we are all guilty of shooting too much from eye level aren't we.
Alan: It's too easy to sometimes ignore other shooting positions.
Perfect composition and I love the rich colours of the boat.
Another Sunday, another churchAnother Sunday, ...