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I love all this field-rock construction.

Is that brakin gone brown Alan?
Alan: I'm always in awe of such stone walls in particular. Yes the bracket still clad the fellsides despite being dead/.
I think I recognise this, Alan, the road from the church into the valley ? Martindale is very nice, I've done some good walks from there.
Alan: Spot on, Frank. I will be back to investigate further.
Such beautiful colors!
Alan: There are indeed even on a gloomy November day.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 10 Jan 2019, 06:33
Yes it all looks very nice, with plenty of hills to slog up..
Alan: ..and plenty of Herdwick sheep for company.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 10 Jan 2019, 06:33
a beautiful view, but the grey colours look a bit strange.
Alan: Hmmm.. I think you are right about the greys; they do look too blue. It was quite a dark image and I think my attempts to lighten it may have affected the colours.. Thanks, Philine.
Ce paysage est vraiment magnifique Merci
Alan: It's a part of the Lake District that I want to explore further.
  • Chad
  • Somewhere in deep space
  • 10 Jan 2019, 08:26
I note the fence running alongside the wall. Sheep can climb or jump walls as witnessed where I live in Gutteridgeshire.
Alan: Yes so I believe. I've read that Herdwicks in particular as soon as they get in a new field will look for any means possible to escape and return to the their original field. Although I've not had any proof of this, there are tales of some Herdwicks digging tunnels whilst others build a glider.
Didn't he record deck of cards?

Wink Martindale
Alan: Wasn't that Jim Dale? He certainly wasn't one of the Yorkshire Dales.
Now that really is a fine country lane.
Alan: I want to spend more time to explore this dale; there are fells there that I've yet to climb.
It appears to be made of fabrics. I really like the textures.
Alan: Hahah!! It was a very dark imagine and I don't think I've done it any justice trying to recover it for showing here.
  • CherryPie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 11 Jan 2019, 00:58
A beautiful scene smile

If this November is like 2018 you will get your wish for autumn sunshine smile
superb image, maestro!
Lovely green...
The pathThe path